Action photography speech

During the annual photographic exhibition Photovision 2015 in Athens and among renowned photographers such as Pep Bonet‬, ‎Nik Pekridis‬ and ‎Salvatore Dimino‬, Elias held a differentiated speech regarding photo shooting in adverse conditions, based on his latest expedition in the Himalayas, at the stand of Nikon, his main supporter during this project.

After presenting the physical and mental difficulties of a seven-week long ski mountaineering expedition on 8.000m peaks, the talk focused more into the particularities and restrictions of photo shooting in such severe environment, ending up to a dialog with the audience, most of whom had great personal interest in action and outdoor photography.

Confronting on daily basis harsh elements of nature, such as subzero temperatures, frequent snowfalls, ice fields, thick mud, strong winds, dense dust, intense solar radiation, high humidity and lack of sufficient oxygen, can make life hard not only for the photographer but also for the cameras, lenses, batteries, sensors and laptops and needs continuous methodicalness and discipline.

Nevertheless though there is no greater feeling than sharing you experiences!


Want more?
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