Yes, you May ski in Greece!

May is considered the last month of spring, but in Greece it is in practice the first summer month. Daily temperatures often exceed 30’C, the sun is even brighter and the all green nature is beginning to get a summerish yellow hue, reminding that summer is already here. People start venturing to the seaside, some just dip their feet in the sea and the bravest take their first nosedive.

Even so, the picture is somewhat different in the mountains, where snow still exists at the alpine zone, forming interesting ski touring routes surrounded by millions of white and purple crocus flowers. The snow may be a bit icy during early morning hours and a bit slushy in the afternoons, but around noon you get ideal “spring corn” conditions, safe from avalanches and stable for steep descents in the colouirs.

There are not many places on earth where you can really enjoy high quality skiing and swimming at the same day, even within just a few hours, and Greece is definitely one of them!


Have a nice summer!

/ Elias


Date: 11.05.2014

Location: Mt. Parnassos 2457m, Delphi area, Greece

Skiers / Co-photographers: Vasilis Triantafyllou, Michalis Aftias, Elias Lefas



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