Challenging Ford Kuga

Although Mt. Vardousia is located in central Greece, the western part of this mountainous complex is still one of the most remote areas of the country by all means. The approach roads to the villages may be asphalt covered but the continuous turns make the journey last more than expected. The tracks get even worse on the alpine zone of the mountain where there are only a couple of dead-end tracks, which at some points are were wide just enough to fit the width of the car.


Loose scree and rocks make all wheel drive a necessity up there. It was obvious that noone else passed by vehicle after last winter: The tracks were full of sharp edged rocks from the crags just above and the seasonal fords made deep trenches across.


Model used: Ford Kuga Titanium Plus 2016 | AWD 2.000 Diesel 180bhp Auto

Tags: Ford Motor, Salewa, Vardousia


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