Beyond magic with DMC

The notorious illusionist DMC, starring in the series Beyond Magic with DMC, broadcasted by National Geographic Channel at OTE TV, visited Athens for a unique appearance at the 2nd Athens Science Festival (ASF). OTE TV and National Geographic Channel participated in the festival through a series of actions with main subject “Entertain your mind”.

DMC presented some of his most popular tricks with playing cards, illusion techniques and mind reading tricks in the packed auditorium of Technopolis. Regarding his visit to Athens he said: “I love Athens and it’s history. It is a city that is both modern and historic and you see that in the people. There is a sense of historicity here and this is unique. ”

During the 2nd ASF, OTE TV and National Geographic Channel showed the entertaining side of science through a series of activities, experiments and games inspired by popular documentary series such as Brain Games, Street Genius, Going Deep with David Rees, Outside the Limits of Science, Crowd Control and Beyond Magic with DMC.

DMC was very approachable to the public and did not stop being photographed and do tricks! As it was natural, Instagram filled up with magical moments from moments of the show and the party that followed!



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