Alpine spring is here

For pure outdoor people, spending a weekend in the mountains is always a great pleasure, regardless conditions. Imagine now how much better this can be when weather, flora and fauna are at their soaring best!

Hiking, skiing and camping in an environment bustling of all kinds of wildlife is a unique experience. The last remains of snow melt away revealing green alpine pastures and creating small seasonal ponds, springs are replenished with limpid waters, countless crocuses unearth throught the vanishing snow patches and chamois with their newborn calves run around the surrounding slopes, while hawks and other alpine birds fly in the sky above you.

Those are feelings that can hardly be described and understood in any means, unless you experience them yourself and onsite…


Location: Mount Giona 2510m | Delphi area | central Greece

Dates: 17-18.05.2014

Team & Co-photographer: Kiki Giannakidou-Lefa

Ski route: Vathia Lakka 1980m – Pyramida 2510m (summit) and back (surprisingly it was still a non-stop ski descent…)


















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